Formula Option FAQs
  • Why does the WIC program only offer certain brands of formula?

    The WIC program is required to have a contract with a specific formula company to help keep costs down. There are separate contracts for milk-based and soy-based formulas. We renew these contracts every five years. The award for the contract from October 2022–September 2027 for milk-based formula is Mead Johnson, the makers of Enfamil. 

    The milk-based formulas offered under the new contract include: 

    • Enfamil Infant
    • Enfamil Gentlease 
    • Enfamil A.R. 
    • Enfamil Reguline 

    The soy-based formula contract will continue to be with Abbott, the makers of Similac.

    • Similac Soy Isomil

    If your infant needs a formula for medical reasons, contact your WIC office for assistance. 

  • Why could I get any brand of formula before and now I have to buy what is listed on my WIC shopping list or app?

    The WIC program is required to have a contract with one specific formula company to help keep costs down. After the recall from Abbott and the nationwide formula shortage, the USDA temporarily allowed WIC programs to offer alternative brand options of formula to help make sure families were more likely to find formula for their baby. Consistent with USDA guidance, alternative formula brand options are no longer available starting June 1. You will only be able to purchase the formula listed on your WIC shopping list or the app. If you can’t find the can size listed or have questions about your formula, please contact your WIC office.

  • What can I expect as my baby changes formula?

    Most babies can change from one brand of formula to another without much problem. It is a good idea to only buy 1-2 cans of formula in the beginning to make sure the formula will work for your baby. In the first few days on a new formula, some babies will have a slight change in the color of their stool or may drink a little less than usual. This is normal and should get better in a few days.

    Babies can experience spitting up, gas, fussiness or have hard or infrequent stools from time to time. This is not always because of a formula change. Talk with your WIC nutritionist and use these directions to help support your baby’s formula change. Because you will no longer be able to get alternative brand formulas after June 1, it is a good idea to try to change your baby to a contract formula before then.

  • What if I'm worried about how my baby is tolerating the formula?

    If your baby has new or worsening diarrhea, blood in the stool, forceful vomiting, swelling, rash, weight loss or excessive crying, call your baby’s doctor right away. If your doctor wants you on a therapeutic formula, like a hypoallergenic formula, you will need a prescription. Print this form (PDF) and ask your baby’s doctor to fill it out. Then, bring the form to your WIC office.

    If your baby does not tolerate their formula, the WIC program can exchange any unopened cans of formula for a different type of formula available from WIC in the same month that it was purchased.

  • How do I prepare my baby's formula?

    General mixing instructions can be found at How to Mix Infant Formula. Additional instructions are listed on the can. 

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