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Tips for Baby Led Weaning
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What is Baby Led Weaning? 

Baby led weaning is the practice of letting babies feed themselves. Short and simple...babies lead the way! Parents choose what goes on their plate, but baby chooses how much they eat.  

This can help babies be better in-tune with their hunger and fullness cues. Studies have found that babies that did BLW are more open to new textures and flavors as they get older.  

Here are a few tips to help you get started: 

👶🏻 WIC recommends waiting until at least 6 months of age before starting solids. If baby isn’t interested in food yet, don’t stress! Try again next week! 

🥣 If you don’t feel safe offering solids, you can let babies self-feed themselves pureed baby food with a spoon. BLW doesn’t just have to be solid pieces of food. If baby is feeding themselves, then it’s still BABY LED weaning.  

🍐 Try offering thin soft strips of skinless sweet potato, ripe pears or cooked penne pasta. Strips of food are easy to pick up and allow baby to learn how big of a bite to take.  

🚫 Avoid choking hazards like hot dogs, popcorn, nuts and grapes.  

⚠️ Learn the differences between choking and gagging. Gagging is a normal response that protects baby from choking. Choking is silent and dangerous. Always stay close by while offering food to baby.  

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