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2nd and 3rd
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Kristiana Prater, Clinic Director
Celeste Mayo, Area Director

Picky eating is very common in toddlers and preschoolers. As a parent, it probably feels like your once adventurous eater started hating everything overnight. 

Expert Advice:

  • This slowdown in eating is very normal! This is a time when children are becoming more independent and have changes in their tastes. While this stage can be a challenge, the good news is that most children will outgrow picky eating around age 5. 
  • Children have small stomachs and need to eat often. Offer them three meals and one to two snacks each day. Limit food or drinks other than water between meal and snack times. 
  • Keep meals focused and pleasant. Do not bribe or threaten your child, and turn off distractions like TVs, phones and tablets while eating. 
  • Offer foods similar in colors, flavors and textures to foods that your child already enjoys. Bold and bitter flavors may taste stronger to a child.
  • Give food choices. Let your child help you plan snacks and meals for the week. Young children respond well to being asked to pick between two options. 

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