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Pancake in a Mug
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Catch the full video on our channel, @texaswicsouthplains   


Print the full recipe below!                  




Feast on Books!

Reasons to read with your child:

· Is an opportunity to bond and connect. 

· Improves language skills and cognitive development. 

· Nurtures concentration and self-discipline. 

· Feeds imagination and creativity. 


Tips to make reading more fun:

· Get a library card and borrow children’s books, movies, and music. 

· Read If You Give a Pig a Pancake with your child and make a pancake breakfast (see recipe). 

· Read to your child each day to show that reading is important. 

· Read aloud with different voices and drama to make a story come alive. 


Family activity tip: 

Hide a book and read it aloud when found.


Recipe makes enough for 2 mugs. 

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